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PLEASE NOTE To book an anniversary please contact our Classifieds department directly on 091 530 900 or email is the commercial online portal of choice for advertisers and buyers alike in the West of Ireland.

Brought to you by The Galway Advertiser and Advertiser Group Newspapers, the most widely distributed and trusted advertising medium throughout Galway city and county, Mayo, and the Midlands.

Advertiser Classifieds bring that business pedigree and brand recognition to online classified ads.

Whether you are a Trader with a rolling inventory of stock to sell online, an individual looking to sell a one-off item, or you’re simply looking for a bargain, is your first port of call.

Advertise and buy via a local brand that is tried and trusted.

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  • Advertiser Classifieds from €3 per Month!
  • Add up to 10 PHOTOS to Sell your Item!
  • Quick & Easy Upload!
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bt2 255 days
Used by the social sharing platform AddThis to keep a record of parts of the site that has been visited in order to recommend other parts of the site
xtc 13 months
Registers the user's sharing of content via social media.
loc 13 months
Geolocation, which is used to help providers determine how users who share information with each other are geographically located (state level).
uvc 13 months
Detects how often the social sharing service, AddThis, encounters the same user.
di2, mus, ouid 1 Year
uid 1 Year
Unique user ID that recognizes the user on returning visits.
uc 1 Year
Used by the social sharing platform AddThis.
__atuvc 1 Year
Updates the counter of a website's social sharing features.
__atuvc Session
Ensures that the updated counter is displayed to the user if a page is shared with the social sharing service, AddTh is.
at-lojson-cache-# Persistent
Used by the social sharing platform AddThis


bounce, pxj Pixel - Session
uuid2, sess, anj Session is run by AppNexus, a company that provides data and analytics helping businesses buy and sell online advertising. You can automatically Opt-Out from receiving cookies by clicking on the ib.adnxs
Opt-Out pageCookie Policy


cm/b/out, cm/l/out, cm/o/out,cm/x/out Pixel - Session
__adroll, __ar_v4 1 Year
We use AdRoll to provide interest-based advertisements to show our ads on other websites. The technology to do this is made possible by cookies and as such we may place a so called “remarketing cookie” during your visit. Tthe whole process is entirely anonymised.

ASP.NET Cookies

ASP.NET_SessionId Session
General purpose platform session cookie, used by sites written with Microsoft .NET based technologies. Used to maintain an anonymised user session by the server.
ASP.NET cookie which determines if a user is authenticated or not

Bidswitch Cookies

tuuid, tuuid_lu, c, sync,ul_cb/sync Session
This cookie has a unique user ID (randomly created by IPON/Bidswitch) on the basis of which Bidswitch can remember what banners you have seen and if you have visited the website of an advertiser. Bidswitch uses this information only for that specific advertiser to be able to determine when and how often you will see a certain banner.

bku, bkdc 179 days
BlueKai works with websites to aggregate anonymous activities and enables marketers to provide more targeted online advertising


_cfduid 1 year
Cloudflare cookies used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis. This is to whitelist users for site security.


dtm_test Session
DotomiUser 1 Year
Via a unique ID that is used for semantic content analysis, the user's navigation on the website is registered and linked to offline data from surveys and similar registrations to display targeted ads.
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Double Click

DSID, IDE 1 Year
r/collect, CONSENT Session
Used for retargeting, optisimisation, reporting and attribution of Google advertisements.
GoogleAdServingTest Session
Used to register what ads have been displayed to the user.
NID Session
The NID cookie contains a unique ID Google uses to remember your preferences and other information, such as your preferred language etc.
test_cookie Session Out

Facebook Cookie

fr 3 months
b_adv 3 months
tr Session
Facebook tracks Facebook users with a cookie (fr) that is used to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers.

Google Analytics

1P_JAR 1 week
These cookies are used to collect website statistics and track conversion rates.
_gid Session
_ga, __gads 2 years
Used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier. It is included in each page request in a site and used to calculate visitor, session, click and campaign data for the sites analytics reports.
_gat Session
Used to throttle the request rate - limiting the collection of data on high traffic sites.


jvxbksync, jvxsync Session
jvxsync 1 year
Jivox IQ is a cloud-based, data-driven platform for delivering personalized digital advertising and marketing experiences at scale. It is a powerful solution for engaging consumers with the right message in real-time and across all channels.

Live Ramp Inc

ck1, rlas3, rtn1-z 6 months
Collects anonymous data about your site visit and allows targeted advertising.

uuid, uuidc 1 year
Collects data on the user's visits to the website, such as what pages have been loaded. The registered data is used for targeted ads.

New Relic

The JSESSIONID cookie is used to store a session identifier so that New Relic can monitor session counts for an application. The cookie value is generated by Jetty.

w/1.0/sd Pixel Session
i 1 Year
Registers anonymised user data, such as IP address, geographical location , visited websites, and what ads the user has clicked, with the purpose of optimising ad display based on the user's movement on websites that use the same ad network.

#.gif Session
Unclassified - Pixel Tracker
ck1, drtn# 179 days
Collects anonymous data related to the user's visits to the website, such as the number of visits, average time spent on the website and what pages have been loaded, with the purpose of displaying targeted ads.


SEUNCY 179 Days
Registers a unique ID that identifies the user's device for return visits. Out


TapAd_DID, TapAd_TS 2 months
Used to determine wh at type of devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs etc.) is used by a user.

ANON_ID 3 months
Collects data on user visits to the website, such as what pages have been accessed. The registered data isused to categorise the user's in terest and demographic profiles in terms of resales for targeted marketin g.
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p.gif Pixel Session
Typekit uses a tracking image from this domain to calculate font usage and pay foundries appropriately for the use of their fonts.

VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, VISTOR_ID, GPS, PREF, YSC, @@History/@@scroll|# Session
Used by YouTube (Google) for storing user preferences and other unspecified purposes.

_te_ Session
Registers a unique ID that identifies a returning user's device. The ID is used for targeted ads.